Automatic Tinplate Can CNC Press Punch Machine for Lid Cover Component Making

Automatic Tinplate Can CNC Press Punch Machine For Lid Cover Component Making

Product Details

This CNC punch feeding system is equipped with touch screen, PLC, high-precision ball screw. Fixed length and precise servo motor. Have the following five characteristics:

With high efficiency, is more then 5 times manually. Second, high precision. Sidle-step precision+/ is separate machine to improve the working conditions and eliminate hazards.

Suitable can diameter : 52-99mm

Power: AC 220V+/- 50 HZ

Maximum feeding speed : 36 m/min

Rated power : 2KW

Maximum punching speed: 100 times/min

Nominal force : 250 kn

Motor power of Press machine:3 KW

Dimension of worktable hole :220x220mm